EMINENT - Full HD 4 CH Network Video Recorder for CamLine Pro and ONVIF cameras (HDD not included) (EM6304)
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EMINENT - FULL HD 4 CH NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER FOR CAMLINE PRO AND ONVIF CAMERAS (HDD NOT INCLUDED)Velleman - EM6304 Specificaties EM6304Record surveillance images from your Eminent CamLine Pro IP c...




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Velleman - EM6304

Specificaties EM6304
Record surveillance images from your Eminent CamLine Pro IP camera with the EM6304 Network Video Recorder. This Recorder includes everything you need to record your images easily. You can monitor 4 IP cameras at a time. Connect the NVR to a local monitor or to the Internet to see the images wherever you are. The free app enables you to monitor and control the NVR via your smartphone and tablet. You can built-in easily an optional HDD by yourself. The Network Video Recorder stores images on this built-in HDD when motion is detected or by using time-based recording. The NVR is compatible with IP cameras that support the ONVIF 2.4 protocol. Keep an eye on your belongings Do you own one or more Eminent CamLine Pro IP Cameras and you want to store the images on a central place in your network? With the EM6304 NVR you can view up to 4 live video streams and stores these videos images on an internal hard disk. The recorder can store high quality video over longer periods. Not only video images can be recorded but also audio can be recorded. Other IP cameras with ONVIF 2.4 support are compatible with the EM6304 Network Video Recorder as well. Watch live video on a local monitor, via the Internet or your mobile phone The EM6304 has a HDMI, VGA and BNC output so you can connect up to 3 local monitors or TVs. Connect the Network Video Recorder to the Internet and you can view the images even when you're not at home. Visit the webpage of the NVR to see the images from the connected cameras. Or install the free Eminent NVR app from the App Store or Play store to monitor and control the connected cameras. Create video evidence The NVR can record on specific times or when motion is detected. Do you want to back up a specific recorded event? Then you can use the built-in USB port to back up to an external hard disk or flash drive. Also, a network backup function is available. Additionally, you can export your video as a file and use it as evidence in case of burglary. Multi-tasking: record and playback video at the same time The EM6304 Network Video Recorder allows you to record and playback video at the same time. If you enter the playback mode, the digital video recorder will keep on recording video and audio in the background.- This product does not depend on your operating system
- ONVIF version: 2.4
- video compression: H.264 hardware
- video-uitgang: 1 x BNC
- VGA port: 15 pin VGA
- HDMI port: 1 x HDMI High speed
- resolution: up to 1920 x 1080p
- audio-uitgang: 1 x RCA
- LAN-poort: 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
- USB: 2 x USB-port
- supported hard disks: 2.5 / 3.5 SATA hard disk supported
- max. hard disk capacity: 8 TB (not included)
- PTZ support: Pelco-D/P (for pan-tilt-zoom cameras)
- ondersteunt: dynamic DNS, motion detection, e-mail alert, DHCP
- external control: via web interface, IOS and Android app
- voedingsadapter: 12 VDC 2 A
- verbruik: 12 W
- dimensions: 314 x 45 x 225 mm
- weight: 1053 g

EAN-code: 8716065024920

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