Wrist temperature Measurement System (VM216)
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WRIST TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT SYSTEMVelleman - VM216 Kenmerken VM216The VM216 is a wrist temperature checking unit to detect elevated body temperatures, based on dynamically set ranges by the hosti...




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Velleman - VM216

Kenmerken VM216
The VM216 is a wrist temperature checking unit to detect elevated body temperatures, based on dynamically set ranges by the hosting company. The unit is constructed in a way so it can be easily installed nearby doorways or walkways so people can scan themselves in a fast and ergonomic manner. Large LED indicators give the scanned person positive or negative feedback. When negative feedback is indicated, a visit to medical staff is strongly advised for medical evaluation. The goal of the product is to detect as early as possible if there is a person on site with an elevated body temperature -assuming everybody measure themselves frequently- so a possible disease outbreak is reduced or avoided. Important is that the measurement can be done without physical contact, which reduces the risk of spreading any disease. The unit contains multiple additional sensors to monitor environmental changes to help adjust the acceptable temperature range. The unit contains two modules: • The main module that does the processing of the sensor values and communicates these via USB and ethernet. This communication allows the hosting company to change the upper and lower limit of the approved temperature range and device settings. The result of the measurement is then communicated to the user via large LEDs. There are also 3 relays onboard that follow the behavior of the LEDs. These relays are rated for 48V 3A. An external temperature sensor mounted on 1.7m wire (type DS18B20) is also present on the main module. This module is stored in a large grey ABS case. • The sensor module that contains the internal (onboard PCB) temperature & humidity sensor (type BME280), Time of flight distance sensor (type VL53L0X) to measure distance of the wrist to the module and an Infrared digital temperature distance sensor (type MLX90614) to measure the wrist temperature. The module is stored in a smaller case. Both modules are connected via a standard ethernet cable (max 1,5m cable length). Applications • Industrial sites • Public buildings, Parkings • Construction sites, Energy plants • OEM constructors- Contactless wrist temperature checking
- Detect elevated body temperatures by using medical grade sensors
- Fast scanning in ergonomic manner
- Instant positive or negative feedback by LED indicators
- Higher accuracy by combining multiple environmental sensor data
- Adjustable threshold ranges of the measured temperature
Specificaties VM216
- Power Supply: 24 VDC (min 24W)
- Normal power consumption: <20W

EAN-code: 5410329729196

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